Summer Flowers
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Summer Flowers

The age of thirteen marks the beginning of a transition for a young girl.  Cassandra's blooming individuality highlights that she is not afraid to show the world her true colors. As young girls begin their teenage years they begin to speak to the world, voices filled with self-confidence and respect. Like a flower, each girl is unique, bringing their individuality to the world. As they continue to grow, so will the world, for it is a more magical place with them in it. As summer days last longer, these young flowers play, blessing the world with their kind hearts and good spirits.  

Spring Blossoms
Wednesday, June 07, 2017
Summer Flowers

New York City is alive with the beauty of spring blossoms, and long warm summer days are not far behind. I had the pleasure of capturing the joy of Savannah and Zoe frolicking in the warmth of spring, twirling with delight in their beautiful dresses and smiling with joy to be outside together and with their loving mom.  As the freedom of summer is approaching their excitement is bubbling. Soon school will be out and the ability to run and play will fill their endless days. The park provides the perfect backdrop for enchanting childhood adventures that will continue on in their minds day after day as they play and play. 

September Star
Sunday, September 18, 2016
Summer Flowers

Fall is a time of change. The warm remnants of summer leave the air as it becomes crisp and cool. The leaves begin to change as children do when they transition into their teenage years. They begin to show signs of adulthood and they are transforming into the person they intend to show the world. Kaitlyn is about to embark on her Bat Mitzvah, a step into adulthood in the Jewish religion. At age 13 she is leaving behind her childish stage and growing into a young woman. Her beauty and accomplishments should all be commemorated as she enjoys this next step into her life. Congratulations!  

Summer Star
Friday, August 19, 2016
Summer Flowers

In the middle of bustling New York City lies Central Park. For a child on a summer day, the park becomes their sanctuary and a secret garden to frolic in until the sun goes down. Mariana shows the natural beauty of a child who has escaped the confines of the city. She relaxes in her dream world, filled with butterflies kissing her face and a day of fun that never ends. A walk in the park is a regular occurrence for the adults of New York City, but for the children, they have all entered into their own secret garden. 

Summer Stories
Thursday, June 30, 2016
Summer Flowers

School is out, the sun is shining, and children fill the bustling streets of New York City with laughter and play. Every summer has its own story, one special memory that is the defining moment for those months filled with happiness. For a child, their summer story could be the simplest of things, spending time with family, dancing through the park, or preciously leaping into a pool yet treacherous for them to go near. One must capture the memories now, so in years to come, they can always retreat to that one summer story.