• Images of 2017: Enduring Experiences

    2017 has been a year filled with new and unique experiences. With each passing year, children and adults have been shaped by the events they have experienced. The experiences from the past year have transformed us, pushing each person into who we are today. It is time to joyously celebrate a year filled with growth, knowledge, and laughter.

  • Images of 2016: The Beauty Inside All of Us

    Thank you for allowing me to capture the significant moments of your lives in 2016 and to create everlasting memories of the beauty inside.

  • Images of 2015: Unforgettable Memories

    Thank you for allowing me to capture these unforgettable moments of happiness in 2015 and to create everlasting snapshots of the past year.

  • 2014 Laughter: Moments of Happiness and Joy

    Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments of happiness in 2014 and to create everlasting images of joy.

  • Promotional Video

    I created this video of Yara and her daughters Nina and Arabella to share the joy experienced during a family photo shoot in Central Park.