Sibling Stars
Saturday, July 14, 2018
November Stars 2018

Alec and Sophia are two siblings who are already becoming shining stars. Alec would love to pursue a future in modeling, acting and art. Sophia love fashion, beauty and acting. While these two are so young they are already beginning to shine and will share their art and beauty with the world in the years to come. 

Brotherly Love
Saturday, July 07, 2018
November Stars 2018

There is nothing like the loving relationship between brothers. Having a brother is a blessing because with a brother you are given a playmate, a role model and a best friend. These two brothers are named Henry and Graham and they are as close as can be. They have days filled with laughter and play and are so lucky to have each other. There is no love like the love between brothers which can be seen with the love between Henry and Graham. 

First Spring
Thursday, May 31, 2018
November Stars 2018

As the frost of winter slips away children are free to experience a fresh breath of spring time. As spring arrives the warm air begins to waft into the city, inspiring all different forms of life to blossom. This spring is baby Julian’s first spring and just like the flowers he is growing and blossoming. Enjoy the beauty and growth of springtime Julian!     

Joyful Family
Monday, May 28, 2018
November Stars 2018

With the freedom of springtime families can now enjoy quality time together in the beautiful parks of New York City. With the sun shining, smiles are wide and the laughter of a family fills the air. Their joy is infectious and is spread through the whole city like sunlight. A beautiful family, a beautiful park all within a beautiful city are all bringing the true essence of springtime to New York.  

Family Time
Thursday, May 24, 2018
November Stars 2018

With the school year ending, children are filling their days with time spent outdoors instead of confined in a classroom. Memories of days in the park pretending to be a fairy, a superhero, a detective, or whatever the mind desires are ones that children will cherish forever. Surrounded by family, children can be anything they want to be in this world, it just starts with imagination.